Preparation and implementation of a strategic plan

Under conditions of a rapid growth of a company, it can happen that the company’s management pays more attention to daily operations and forgets or fails to take time to think about the company’s future plans and growth. Soon the moment comes, when the desired goal does not match the reality and the company’s development rate declines. Although it seems that the company still has all the necessary preconditions for growth, it reminds the cart from Krilov’s fable – i.e., it is being pulled to all the possible directions, however, it moves nowhere.

If calendar days and weeks are planned complete with urgent tasks, but it becomes impossible to answer the question, what do all these activities have to do with the growth of the company and goals to be achieved within the next two, three or five years, it is worth to slow down, sit down and think about the reasons for the company’s existence and the expected results of its operations. Only clearly defined COMPANY’S DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY and measures for the implementation thereof will allow for the improvement of efficiency of the company and purposeful guidance of its operations towards the achievement of the planned strategic goals.

We offer consultations and management in the drawing up and introduction of a strategic plan for your company’s development. Along with consultations, your company will receive the following:

  • Single direction or directions of the company’s future development; as well as
  • Clearly defined actions to drive the company’s development in these directions.

For additional information on the process of drawing up and implementation of a strategic plan, please contact our Project Manager Ieva Leimane (phone 67 542 943, mobile phone 29 384 949, e-mail: ieva(at)