Commercialisation of inventions

Commercialisation of inventions is a process, whereby an invention is developed based on an idea/plan which becomes a real commercial product (service). Practice shows that only a small portion of inventions (including inventions with good potential) enters the market.

Successful commercialisation requires more than just a “good product”. It is also necessary to sort out the issues regarding the protection of the invention (patents, designs, trademarks, etc.), as well as reasonably assess the economic potential of the invention, identify the needs of users (consumers) of the invention, attract the necessary financial resources and perform a number of other things. Not many inventors are able to carry out all of the above on their own.

We offer the following services related to the commercialisation of inventions:

  • Preparation of a feasibility assessment of the invention – practice shows that successful initial negotiations with potential investors and other cooperation partners require a feasibility assessment. Feasibility assessment is also necessary for the inventor himself/herself to be able to understand the potential of his/her invention and make advised decisions on further development thereof (including the protection of the invention, potential commercialisation models, etc.). We have extensive experience in the preparation of feasibility assessments.
  • Establishment of contacts with potential users of the invention – the success or failure of the commercialisation of the invention is significantly affected by how well the invention complies with the needs of its potential users and what the opinion and references of the potential users are. We have a very wide range of customers in various industries (especially the manufacturing industry). Therefore, we are able to assist in the establishment of direct contacts with companies which could be potential users of the invention. Such contacts will help the inventor to improve the invention and acquire the so-called user’s assessment, which plays an important role in further commercialisation of the invention (for example, in negotiations with investors). Such contacts may also help to acquire initial orders, which will significantly improve the commercialisation possibilities of the invention.
  • Preparation of a business plan to attract financing from investors – commercialisation of an invention almost always requires external financing from investors (venture capital funds, private investors, etc.). To acquire such financing, one needs to have a high-quality, well-grounded business plan. We have long and extensive experience in the preparation of various business plans.
  • Consultations regarding the selection and creation of a commercialisation model – the creation of a suitable commercialisation model is one of the key elements of successful commercialisation of an invention. It should be noted that the creation of a commercialisation model is a crucial precondition for the commencement of specific activities for the attraction of financing and the production of the invention and offering it on the market. We have extensive experience in working with companies of various industries. Therefore, we can offer consultations on the selection and creation of a commercialisation model that is suitable for a specific invention.
  • Consultations regarding the opportunities of using State aid – there are various European Union Structural Funds and other support programmes (instruments) which may be used in various stages of commercialisation. We have extensive experience in working with various EU Structural Funds and other support programmes. Therefore, we are able to offer consultations on the most suitable state aid programmes as well as assist in the acquisition of financing.
  • Consultations regarding the acquisition of financing – we have contacts with various potential investors (venture capital funds, private investors, etc.). Therefore, we can help you establish contacts with potential investors.

Some of the aforementioned services are available within our pro bono programme.