Personnel motivation system development and implementation

The results of company’s business activities depend on the contribution of all its employees. However, in many companies the wages that their employees receive have no connection to any quality or performance ratings. As a result, the employees lose the motivation to work as well as they can: why work hard if it does not affect your salary?

In these situations, the efficiency of company operations can be significantly improved by implementing a Personnel motivation system. The purpose of Personnel motivation systems is to encourage activity and commitment among employees.

Both the company employees and the company owners benefit if a Personnel motivation system is implemented:

  • the employees gain a definite understanding of how their work is evaluated and what the connection between well-done work and personal income (wages, bonuses) is;
  • the owners gain the ability to evaluate objectively the contribution of each employee in reaching the common goals, and to support the best employees, thus increasing the personnel cost efficiency.

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