Drawing up of sectoral development documents

The use of social capital originating as a result of mutual relations between individuals has been accentuated in recent years as a resource for successful entrepreneurship. It constitutes an entirety of existing and potential resources related to continuous netting of more or less formalized relations characterised by mutual acquaintanceship, trust and interaction.

Latvian economy is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, the successful development, growth and exporting capacity of which depends on both individual expressions of each enterprise and the cooperating ability within the sector. Non-governmental organisations are established to represent the common public interests of companies and solve related issues, while cooperative societies are established for the solution of common economical needs.

Edo Consult offers consulting support to the industry’s professional organisations and cooperative societies in the DRAWING UP OF STRATEGIC SECTORAL DEVELOPMENT DOCUMENTS and ACTION PLANS. 

Edo Consult offers structured and purposeful project management to organisations and cooperatives, including both planning of project activities, detailed research of planning needs, coordination of work between the parties involved in the drawing up of the documents, conducting seminars and workshops, as well as conducting of researches necessary for studying the situation, and the preparation of high-quality documents. 

Documents that are drafted in high quality are essential for successful development! However, previous experience of Edo shows that the ultimate benefit is offered by the planning process itself and participation therein, which promotes joint awareness of the current situation and definition of solutions acceptable to all the interested parties.

For additional information on cooperation in the drawing up of sectoral development documents, please contact Edo Consult Project Managers (phone 29 403 401, e-mail: edo(at)edo.lv).