Budget development management

Our experience shows that company employees are so overwhelmed with routine tasks that it is impossible for them to find enough time for quality planning. Implementing or updating a budgeting system can initially create additional pressure on the company’s management and specialists. Taking this problem into account, our advisors (in addition or in parallel to the development and implementation of the budgeting system) consult on budget development management. This includes:

  • company operations analysis;
  • identification of tasks and objectives for the planned period;
  • development of an annual plan or budget for the planned period;
  • advice on budget performance control.

Our consultations on budget development management will help your company’s employees to master gradually your new or updated budgeting system and work with it independently in the future.

For further information on budget development management, please contact our Project Manager Andris Lismanis (phone 67 542 943, mobile phone 29 403 401, e-mail lismanis(at)edo.lv).