Preparation of a legal defence plan

Drawing up of the financial chapter of a legal defence procedure plan (LDP) (including out-of-court legal protection procedures (OCLDP)), as well as drawing up of other financial plans related to the restructuring of a company

LDP (including OCLDP) plan is not just a formal legal document, but it also contains a financial plan for the overcoming of the company’s financial difficulties and the restructuring of its liabilities. The success or failure of the implementation of an LDP plan largely depends on how advised and well-grounded the financial chapter of the LDP plan is. Furthermore, drawing up of an LDP plan is not just a unilateral process, but a multilateral process, where a compromise with the interests of creditors and other involved parties must be reached. A convincing financial plan significantly increases the opportunities of reaching a compromise with creditors and other parties concerned that would be acceptable for the enterprise, and to win accept by the majority of creditors for the LDP plan.

We offer to draw up a high-quality financial plan for the purposes of an LDP plan providing flexible approach in order to provide an opportunity to assess the impact of proposals of various creditors on the enterprise. We also help our clients reach a compromise with their creditors.

In addition, we also draw up financial plans in cases of out-of-court debt restructuring (for example, during negotiations with banks regarding restructuring of credit, etc.). We consult and assist in matters related to reaching a compromise with creditors.