About us


EDO Consult was founded on 22 April 2003. Founders of the company were a group of experts with practical experience in the private and public sectors of the national economy.

The name of the company has originated from a combination of two words that accurately describe the company’s core activity. In Latin, EDO means idea, and Consult is an internationally apprehensible analogue for the phrase “to give advice”. We respect the ideas of our customers and help to develop them, because we believe that "Ideas move the world”!

We offer consultations in enterprise development and financial planning, personnel management, project development and assessment, and project funding.

Our business principles are professionalism, honesty, mutual trust, individual approach to each of our clients, and confidentiality.
Our work has resulted in the implementation of over 300 projects with the participation of our consultants, and the total amount of these projects exceeds 200 million euros.

We will be happy to listen to your ideas and help with their implementation!