Pro bono programme

We are a socially responsible company. Our approach is to provide paid services that include specific and active initiatives for the benefit and in the interests of our clients. Initial consultations, for example, about the opportunities to receive funding from the EU Structural Funds are provided free of charge for both existing and new customers.
In addition to the above, we also implement pro bono programmes for new entrepreneurs and business start-ups (including inventors). The following free services are provided within this programme:

  • General consultations on the perspectives of a business idea (invention), its strengths/weaknesses etc. We also provide recommendations for the improvement of the initial idea.
  • General consultations on the availability of the EU Structural Funds and other State aid programmes for financing specific business ideas.
  • General consultations on the financing possibilities of business ideas by attracting external financing (bank loans, venture capital funding, funding of private investors).
  • Preparation of indicative feasibility assessments for business ideas (only for the business ideas, which we regard as socially or otherwise important).